Church History – St Clement’s

St Clement’s Church

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Original painting by Barbara Semple

Original sketch by Jonathan Hogarth

The Foundation Stone for St Clement’s was laid on the 27th July 1858 but the Church was not opened for worship until 1867. In 1969 urgent repairs were needed to maintain the old building. Advice was sought from independent sources, including the National Trust, and it was agreed to carry out major restorations and so preserve the old church which had become known as the “Little Church on the Hill”, and was for many years to come. It was also a landmark for ships coming into port.

For many years the City Emblem of Enfield depicted St. Clement’s Church in the top right hand corner. The Church is warm and welcoming with beautiful stained glass windows each telling their own story. Almost all the furniture and fittings are in memory of past parishioners.

The Foundation Stone for the Hall was laid in 1964.The building which included an office and amenities was finished in 1966 and named after a prominent pioneer family, the Ragless family. In the early nineteen eighties a room under the hall, known as the “Down Under” opened as an Op. Shop. It became a very good source of outreach as well as income and in 1999 extensions were added. For various reasons in the early 2000’s it was decided to close the shop. It was not until 2009 that the doors were opened again and a new parish venture started – the Book Shed (although this is currently closed).

This building also houses the Men At Play group which started in February 2014 and is open on Thursdays.

By Margaret Parfitt

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