Pew Sheets & Magazine

Pew Sheets

Our weekly Pew Sheets keep our people up to date on the important news and events in the parish, including upcoming readings, services and the prayer list. Please find some of our most recent pew sheets here:

July 5th & 12th: 5th & 6th Sunday after Pentecost

June 21st & 28th: 3rd & 4th Sunday after Pentecost

June 7th & 14th: Trinity Sunday & 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

May 24th & 31st: 7th Sunday of Easter & the Day of Pentecost

Parish Voice

Our parish magazine is published three times per year; Lent/Easter, Winter/Mid-Year and Advent/Christmas. We are always looking for good contributions from our people and our communities. If you would like to get involved please email the Parish Office Here are our most recent editions of Parish Voice:

Parish Voice Lent 2020

Parish Voice Advent 2019

Parish Voice Advent 2018

Parish Voice pLenty 2017