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St Philip’s Church

St Philip's History

Original watercolour by Philip Kermode

The foundation stone of an all-purpose mission hall for worship and social gatherings, to cater for the growing number of residents moving into the newly developing Broadview area, was laid on Sunday 18th September 1926. On the 5th December the first Communion Service was held.   The mission hall (the nave of the present church) was used as both church and parish hall until about 1959 when the decision was taken to convert the mission hall for the sole use of church services and to build a new hall to accommodate parish activities of the ever growing congregation.

In 1963 the Church of St Philip, Broadview, attained full parochial status and the Rev’d V.F. Meyer was inducted as the first rector in June of that year.  In those days the parish was the hub of worship and social activities for Anglicans living in the area.   For the present congregation, the parish is still a place where they can express their faith in the Anglican tradition and enjoy the caring fellowship that still exists.          By Helen Randle