Ministry Groups

There are a range of groups and ministries in the parish; some for fun, some for worship, some to serve the community, some to feed the poor, some to raise funds and some to make music. This list gives you an idea of the opportunities on offer. We encourage you to speak to one of the church Wardens or Parish Priest about linking in with any of the following groups, or about possibilities for supporting your great new group idea.

Some of our groups:

Fundraising and Event Coordinators

The Fundraising team would love to hear from you if you are interested in planning, brainstorming and bringing excellent events to life.

Pastoral Care Team

If you feel passionately about visiting some of our people who are sick or in need of pastoral support please speak to the parish Priest.

Administration & Publication Teams

Would you like to assist us with some basic administrative support in the office, or be part of the Parish Voice magazine team? Let us know and we would be glad to support you.

Worship Team Members

Speak to the Priest if you feel you might help as a reader, server or intercessor at either church.

Morning Tea Teams at both St Clement’s and St Philip’s

The always chatty and fun morning tea teams are happy to welcome new members.

Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer at St Philip’s

Each week at 9am on Tuesday mornings (9am Wednesday mornings during AUGUST 2015)  a group meets to pray and meditate at St Philip’s. This group is part of the Centering Prayer Network of Australia and is convened by our part time Pastoral Care worker Dr. Gwyneth Ottrey. The LD & CP Group would be pleased to welcome you.

Anglicare Collectors

Our food collectors take the food that parishioners donate each week and deliver it to
Anglicare SA, to support those in need.

 St Philip’s Music Team Members

If you play an instrument we would love to welcome you to join the monthly St Philip’s band. Please speak to one of the Wardens for more information.

St Philip’s Choir

The choristers are always happy to find a robe for new members to join and sing to their heart’s content.

Flower Arrangers St Philip’s Church

If you have an arty eye and a love of flowers let us know!